Soni Enterprises is a well-known and long-established company in the wholesale garment industry. Although our main base is in India, we don’t restrict our services only within, we provide our services worldwide. With our expert skills and advanced technologies, we strive to provide our customers with the best services within a field. We have no accommodation of surprises, as we aim to maintain transparency of our services to our valuable customers in every possible manner. We would like to share some of our behind-the-scenes details which helps us to keep our audience-focused. Also, it will guide you to thrive in your business.   


     With the up growing technologies and advanced facilities which have been becoming a new trend of the digital world. This technology has facilitated services across the world. 


Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adapt and integrate new technology into our work.

Sukant Ratnakar (Author) 

Sampling is the most important process and also the first step in any manufacturing production. In Soni Enterprises, we provide 2D & 3D virtual sampling, accessible for our long-distance customers. It also allows them to change the designs, size, colors, etc. according to their needs. Our sampling process also includes Proto Sample, Showroom Sample, TOP (Top Of Production) Sample, GPT (Garment Production Sample), Pre-Production Sample. Our main objective is customer satisfaction throughout this process.


Over time, machinery found and used in textile industries is becoming more advanced due to which has eased the labor work with fast-paced production in this time-saving environment. Digital textile printing machines are the most advanced of all as of now. 

We have In-house production, so to eliminate time-consuming issues and meet the market demand with high-quality standards we use some of the advanced machinery & efficient logistic systems such as Label making machines, Quilting machines, Computerized sewing machines, Embroidery machines, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) which have been integrated with 3D technology, and many more…. These technologies have enabled us to manufacture 7000+ pieces daily. In this wholesale market, we aim to stock production and prepare it on that same day as the particular order is placed and received by us. 



We as Soni Enterprises stand true to our values and along with the system our team works in unison on every single step. We have proven this by delivering exceptionally high-quality service continuously to our valuable customers. With the advanced innovative solution with straightforward and well-implemented systems, we provide live tracking services from the initial step until the last step of the order on the requested location. Customers are provided with unique and password-protected secure tracking IDs on every order. We hold the capability to deliver orders to their requested location within the given time interval as promised.



It is less observed in the industry like wholesale, low orders are so convenient. However, in Soni Enterprises we provide all the facilities and services with no compromise with quality promise and keep constant transparency even in low quantity orders. We offer just a minimum of 30 piece orders to enable all the services. 



We also provide Cash On Delivery (COD) service for all the customers regardless of their location. Our product starting range itself is just Rs. 60/-. We sell the best quality products at very reasonable rates so that it is affordable to set up new entrepreneurs to establish their business. Also, they have the freedom to startup with low quantities and analyze the results. 



Once Robert Ingersoll said,


We as Soni Enterprises genuinely believe in the above quote and follow it. We try to encourage the upcoming entrepreneurs to start, manage and scale their businesses in the Clothes Manufacturing and Wholesale World. We feel glad to help other garment businesses by giving them an option of manufacturing and producing shirts in low quantity & it doesn’t matter whether it is newly established, small scale, or maybe long-established running into debts. We plan, discuss, analyze problems and bring solutions and strategies in detail which can benefit an up-growing your business and take it to the next level.  


For more information you can watch the YouTube video below. We would love to help you to know more. You can always feel free to get in touch with us via any digital platform, also you can visit us anytime…. 

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